For over 18 years, we’ve been feeling passion for details, people and innovation. Today, with over 500 employees in more than 10 countries, we still preserve the same energy which motivated us in the genesis of the company and it is also part of our DNA.

As a leader brand in Customer Experience, we know that without passion it is not possible to approach big challenges, that without precision in the datum and in our strategic proposals we won’t be able to help our customers, that without innovation it is not possible to answer the big challenges of a changing market; but the most important, we know that nothing can be built without the best people (in a personal and professional level).

In 2005, IZO began its international expansion. We knew that the impact in the improvement of the Customer Experience that we had was absolutely replicable in other countries.
Nowadays, IZO is present in over 10 countries in a solid franchise network. Each of them is a key part of IZO Group. Their contributions, knowledge and professionalism are the base of IZO Group’s development.

IZO Corporate is the specific IZO organization whose function is to: Promote, develop and strengthen the business of our partner-franchisees. Functionally, IZO Corporate is structured into 3 functional areas, dependent on 5 Board Members:

  • Office of the Vice Chairman for Expansion and Business Development
  • Office of the Vice Chairman for Innovation and Practices
  • Corporate Technology Division
  • Corporate Marketing Division
  • CorporateFinancialDivision

Currently, on the verge of fulfilling its expansion objectives in Latin America, IZO is focused on entering the European and US markets.

IZO bases its growth and geographical expansion on the franchise model.

It is a strategic decision that IZO’s Board of Directors adopted in 2009, based on 3 key elements:

  • Each market has its peculiarities and there is nobody better than a local partner to accelerate IZO’s growth in each country.
  • We believe in collaborative relationships based on trust and long-term commitment. What is more, experience has demonstrated the efficiency and profitability of this model.

It allows IZO to focus on high-value innovation, adding knowledge and experience in each market and transforming them into innovative, profitable and competitive services for customers.


What does IZO have to offer to IZO franchise partners?
  • A powerful, prestigious brand recognized in Spain and Latin America.
  • Methodologies, in its various areas of business, that are practical, documented, proven and efficient
  • Access to a consolidated products and services portfolio
  • Pricing policies and discounts with vendors and partners
  • Innovative, competitive and differential services with high margin and high impact for the customer.
  • A continually updated transfer of know-how and experience
  • International speakers for events and conferences
  • Support in marketing and positioning strategies
  • Continuous innovation in services, technology and methodologies, to always be one step ahead.


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Maurien Martínez
Insights Director