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Personas and Customer Journeys

Work on the main tools to develop a deep customer understanding on your experience management and identify opportunities for innovation.

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Voice of the Customer Program

Design and implement an advance program to capture and manage the voice of the customers on real time and use it for organizational transformation.

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Agile CX Transformation

Implement a CX Transformation Office using agile methodologies to implement actions and measure the impact.

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Digital Experience Analysis

Capture and analyze customer behavior on your digital channels (web & apps) to identify opportunities to innovate and optimize the digital experience.

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Emotional Interaction Design

Transform and redesign your customer interactions by including the emotional connection on your process and impact on the moments of truth.

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Contact Center Monitoring

Measure your contact center interactions with your proven QA methodology to help you assure your service and manage your BPOs.

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Customer Interaction Management

Design and implement a real omnichannel service, providing a consistent experience across all the different channels (voice, chat, mail, social,…)

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Advance CX Analytics

Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build advanced analytics models based on your customer data across all different sources of information.

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