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Experience Analysis

Experience Analysis (XA) includes the methodologies and technological solutions to capture, analyze and understand the customer experience in the different points of contact with the company. XA’s methodologies and tools include quantitative and qualitative research techniques and the use of digital solutions for the capture and management of information.

Voice of the Customer Program

Develop an advanced program of management of the Voice of the Client in Real Time, incorporating the best practices at design level and CX solutions.

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Customer Journey

Describe your different types of clients through Archetypes and understand your experience with the Customer Journey.

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Digital Experience Analytics

Glassbox allows to monitor and record all the digital interactions of your customers

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CX Surveys

Get relevant insights from your customers through our research services

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Interactions Monitoring

Analyze the experience of your customers in the interactions with your company through the Contact Center.

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Advanced Experience Analytics

Analyze and optimize customer experience through Big Data and Advance Analytics

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