Cookies definition and function

A cookie is a form which is downloaded to your computer while accessing to certain webpages.

Cookies make it possible  (amongst other things) for a website to collect and recover information regarding a user’s navigation habit or his computer and, depending on the information contained and the way it is being used in his computer, cookies can be used to recognise the user.

In this website, as well as most Internet Websites, cookes are used to improve and optimize user’s experience. Below, you will be able to find detailed information regarding type of cookies used in this website and how to deactivate them in your browser and block specifically thirs parties’ installation.

Cookie types used in this website and its purpose

The use of Cookies makes navigation easier for the user and it allows for the information and services we offer to be adapted.

Cookies are used permanently as well as temporarily (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored in your computer or mobile device for a long period of time, no longer than 24 months.

We use our own cookies as well as thir party ones in order to gather statistic information through the data provided by its use.



FUNCTIONAL These cookies allow navigation through the web, as well as the use of the different options or services being provided. They are also used to improve your navigation experience and optimizing our website’s functioning. They store services’ configuration so that the user does not need to reconfigure these again every time he visits our web.
ANALYTICS These cookies are used for gathering information regarding our website’s use on behalf of the visitors. This information is used to elaborate informs and improve the site.These cookies are only associated to one anonimous user and his computer/mobile device, without giving any reference about personal information.They gather information regarding quantity of visitors in the web, lenght of these visits, type of Terminal, place of origino f the visitors and the pages visited.
GEOLOCALIZATION These cookies are used to staff geolocalization data from the computer and devices, so as to offer more suitable services and contents.

Cookies Treatment

Information gathered in cookies’ treatment is treated exclusively by the web’s owner.

What happens if cookies get deactivated

You may access your browser’s configuration at any time to modify and/or block Cookies’ Installation, but it may implicate that some functionalities get disabled and the access to some contents may be limited.

Services’ functional quality may become affected.


How to deactivate or eliminate cookies

To allow, know, block or eliminate cookies installed in your computer, you  may do it according to your browser’s configuration options.


Information regarding how to do it in case you’re using one of the following browsers:


Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome:





Windows Phone:



You can also easily eliminate cookies in your computer or mobile device through your browser’s configuration.

To obtain information about how to manage and eliminate cookies, press the “Help” or “Options” tab in your browser. You will be able to deactiva cookies or receive a notification each time a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile device.

There are available online tools which allow users to detect cookies in each website they visit, as well as managing its deactivation ( for example, Ghostery:


Cookies Policy Update

We might be updating the Cookies Policy in our Website. We recommend checking it every time you access this website, in order to be properly informed about how and what we use the cookies for.

Cookies Policy was updated for the last time March 28th 2015.