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5 Best Practices Regarding Customer Experience & Employee Experience



Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) are known to be essential tools for any company that aims to be successful in the unpredictable era we are going through.

Far from this, both CX & EX have been here for a while. More precisely, it was 1997 when IZO started the Experience Journey and discovered that if companies do not set Customers & Employees as the center of their business model their chances to be successful will be low. And that is the philosophy of every single Izo-member.

Ever since then, in Izo we have been learning and developing the best practices and strategies regarding CX/EX so that we can make our clients understand what does a happy Customer or Employee mean. We do believe in feelings and more specifically in the power of the emotions.

This long journey has allowed us to dispose a portfolio of more than 100 products specialized in the sectors that are leading the Global Economy: Bank | Insurance |Telecom |Utilities | Retail | Tourism | Health | B2B

In order to understand and see the benefits of a proper Experience Strategy, here are my 5 favourite examples:

1. Customer Experience

o Vertical: Bank
o Client: Ibercaja
o Country: Spain
o Project: We redesigned the current product and service design process of Ibercaja, the eighth Spanish banking group. After conducting several interviews and exploratory workshops, we presented a Toolkit for a new inclusive product and service design process, placing the client at the center of each stage of experiential design.

2. Experience Strategy

o Vertical: Insurance
o Client: Mapfre
o Country: Perú
o Project: In Mapfre Peru we carried out the design of the digital sales channel experience, to build a competitive offer with differentiated value. We quantified the costs of attracting and staying with clients, and we implemented tools for diagnosing the experience that added a total saving of more than € 220,000.

3. Employee Experience – Voice of the Employee (VOE)

o Vertical: Bank
o Client: BBVA
o Country: Spain
o Project: We diagnosed the Voice of the Employee of the Commercial Network in BBVA, the second banking group with the largest market share in Spain. We involved a total of 107 employees in interviews and focus groups to carry out the Assessment and the Employee Journey. We concluded the project with new lines of action and best practices.

4. Customer Experience

o Vertical: Telcom
o Client: Movistar
o Country: Spain
o Project: Movistar is the leading company in the telecommunications sector in Spain. It has almost 300 million customers worldwide and is present in 14 countries. A chat and email solution was launched that was also integrated with the mobile applications launched by Movistar, improving the quality of service and the collection of customer information.

5. Customer Experience – CEM Certification

o Vertical: Others
o Client: Philip Morris
o Country: Switerland
o Project: We conducted a 3-day Customer Experience Management training at Philip Morris offices in Switzerland. The People & Culture team learned CX methodologies and tools to support the transformation of customer experience in the organization, including specific techniques to work on organizational culture.

There are no borders for us, so no matter where you are, if you want to know more details about our portfolio or more successful cases regarding your field, we are waiting for your call. Do not hesitate to contact.

Laura González Escallada