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Customer Experience: The Final Salvation


What if I tell you there is an industry not suffering from Coronavirus? At least not facing the worst of the virus but reinventing a new world full of opportunities. This salvation is called Customer Experience (CX) and it may be the final solution for any company that aims to survive the storm.

It is always essential to focus on the experience and feelings your clients may have towards your brand but in times of crisis it gains even more importance: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This statement by the American poet Maya Angelou pictures the absolute necessity to consider the emotions of any customer/potential client towards any brand as the main priority. Furthermore, in times of crisis, the level of stress can get so high that the strength of the emotions we feel is multiplied by 2 and in Izo we know this reality quite well.

The end for Many Companies and the Key to Success for Others

It was 2008 when the world was facing the worst financial crisis, with terrible economic consequences for Spain. On that time, we did not have a wide experience regarding such a holocaustic situation as this one, but a fact we could see is that as the rest of the companies from different industries than ours were getting more and more damaged, we were turning stronger. The only salvation for many companies to keep alive in Spain was to invest in the experience and emotions they were reflecting on their clients and potential customers. We all learnt that the feelings you experience when going through certain situations (as it can be a crisis) are the strongest and the ones that last the longest. From that point on, companies started to understand that CX was the only safe bet.

Today, the story is taking place again but this time it affects every single country on Earth dramatically. There is not an industry not suffering the consequences of Coronavirus and trying to come up with possible solutions. Due to this reality, it is our duty to help the companies understand how important it is to take care of their client emotions. After the storm, only those who had gone through the Journey Experiences of their Customer (CX), Employee (EX) and Company Experience itself in times of crisis will survive.

When we started the Journey in 1997 in Madrid we were just a group of super freaks obsessed with client behaviours and developing some services for a couple of companies. 23 years later, CX has become a global (unbeatable) trend topic and our services have been the key to success for many companies over Europe and Latin America.

Coronavirus: the Key to Kill or Empower Globalization?

It is important to point out that although CX has been gaining more relevance over the story, it hasn´t been until the Coronavirus Crisis that it has acquired the importance it deserves. We are seeing how different types of companies (small, medium and large) all over the globe are adapting the way they used to relationate with their consumers, potential clients and employees.

This is because Coronavirus has forced a rethinking of what customer care means. Some examples of how companies have adapted to this new reality where the consumer is the center of the model are flight companies by letting the passenger change their flights, hotels allowing to reschedule the bookings, special times for the supermarkets, home delivery of products we would never imagine or virtual gym classes.

There´s still a world full of opportunities to get closer to our consumers and, indeed, to make them build strong emotions towards our brand. We have never fight such a war as the Corona, where all the countries and industries are suffering the consequences at dramatically levels.

For some International Relations experts, the question is whether the management and consequences of Covid will kill or empower globalization. It may be too early to come up with a determined conclusion but in our continuous researches and benchmarks we have perceived that Customer/Employee Care and Digitalization are turning as the main priorities all over the world. Furthermore, we also came up with a general truth: Investing on the experiences of your customers/employees towards your company and Digitalization are the only safe bet to build strong emotions in times of crisis.

Written by Laura González Escallada