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Discover Izo´s International Expansion Model



Investing in CX/EX is always a good choice and 2020 has been a good year. You don´t trust on us? Come, join and see!

Since we started in Madrid more than 20 years ago, we always had the ambition to be global. We began by giving support to the main call centre departments from the biggest companies and from that day on we haven’t stopped innovating a single day. Now our portfolio involves more than 50 products and our activity goes through 15 countries.

Ever since then, we have worked really hard in developing new business opportunities in countries where we have and we don´t have yet representation through a Business Partner & Franchise Model. Just so you can picture it, at the moment of developing our first products we had in mind to create 100% scaleable projects, because we were aware of the importance of doing a global portfolio. We were also giving our best to build a solid and successful international business network.

Many years of experience in the International Expansion dimension have taught us that the key to success goes through finding the right partner. Every country is different, and because of this, we realised that the only way to success in a new market is by trusting in a local business partner that wants to start the journey with us.

To go deeper, our Expansion International Model is by franchise, assuming that the first year works as a pilot. It is the time when both parts start to build a solid and trustful relationship and the Izo know-how is started to be transmitted to the partner while prospecting commercially the country.

During this first year, it is the aim of Izo to show and give the new business partner the knowledge and tools to prepare him/her to become our Franchise in the new market. But… Is it difficult to become an Izo BP? Yes. Is it worth it? For sure!

After long researchers we realised that any new BP should have a list of qualities.

Our success? We love what we do. We want to be everywhere!

If you want to know all the details about Izo´s Expansion Model or wondering how is to be an Izo's Partners, visit us and let's talk!

Do you still have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact, from the International Expansion Department for further information.