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Is it necessary to have a VOC (Voice of the Customer) Program?


Probably today, you have made a bank transaction, ordered a trip through a website or requested a delivery product. If this is your case, you probably have received a satisfaction survey with the aim of knowing your intention of recommendation or your satisfaction level during the process.

What do customers expect once they have answered one of these surveys? In most of the cases the satisfied customers will continue with their lives, but the unsatisfied ones will keep bad feelings towards the company.


And now… What to do with this valuable information? Who needs to receive it? What profile should have the task assigned? When and what should be the customer answered or which channel should be used?

Having the answers to these questions is not an option, but an obligation. There is no point in having bought the best technology, chosen the best channel or having designed an impressive survey, if the Voice of the Customer will only become an excel database.

If you are a customer-centric company and you have designed a VOC program to collect, analyse and drive the information, then you have the chance to understand the emotions that are feeling your customers and know what is right or wrong from the side of the experience.

So then… what should we do with the Voice of the Customer? The correct answer is doing a tactical analysis, taking into account the following points:

1. Look for behavioural patterns
2. Identify root causes that generate loyalty or are destroying it
3. Prioritice through experience drivers
4. Redesign proceses and policies with higher dissatisfaction
5. Associate the analysis with the vision of the experience

However in order to manage the detractors and close the loop with those customers, we should cover the following 5 stages:

1. To understand; You need to analyse the information in order to understand perfectly the kind of customer that I am dealing with.
2. To listen; You need to allow the customer to tell his/her experience with the aim of understand the situation
3. To empathise; You need to obtain the connection like two people sharing their emotions
4. To excuse; This way we will transform negative emotions into positive
5. To solve; The key factor to manage the detractors is the quickness.

Having a VOC program help us to understand what the customer is feeling while interacting with the company. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to transform the negative emotions into positive and the positive into real opportunities.

If you finally have already arrived to this part, but you aren’t still convinced of the importance of having a Voice of the Customer Program, please think about the answer to the following questions:

Did your favourite artist ever made you a survey after a concert?

Did you favourite team ever sent you an email asking you how you enjoyed the last game?

The answer to both questions is NO, but you still are their Fan. That’s why they generated more than one memorable emotion in some point of your life.

On the other hand, companies do surveys and send emails asking for your experience and collecting lot of information. But if they don’t count with a VOC program allowing them to analyse what emotions are present in every moment, then they won’t have advantage compared to companies that use the VOC program.

As long as the companies fail to understand this concept, they will continue having clients, not fans.

Juan Antonio Ortega Vilca
Senior Experience Designer