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With more than 500 professionals, IZO brand stands on 4 essential values which define our work and our commitment towards our clients & to society:


with refined analytical models which help our customers to make the correct decisions.


attracting the best professionals in their areas of specialization and offering them a space for growth and a unique and enriching development.


in constant search of new ways to contribute to the profitability of our customers.


which is our commitment to service, our obsession with excellence and our pride on a well-done job.


IZO is the leading brand in Customer Experience consultancy in Spain and Latin America. Founded in 1997 with a start-up spirit, IZO became the reference brand in the market, with an annual growth over two figures. 2009 was the beginning of its international expansion under the franchise model, a strategy that allows to combine the global vision of a multinational brand with the local experience and activity of partners specialized in each market. On the verge of completing its implementation in Latin America, IZO is now beginning to expand into European, Asian and US markets.


We help our customers in order to improve their business results focusing on managing Customer Experience and the transformation of interactions over any relation channel (web, presential, social media and Contact Centers). To do so, IZO is structured around 3 types of solutions (Research & Analysis, Consultancy and Technology) maximizing the impact of our customers’ work through more than 25 products.


IZO centers its activity on leading sector companies in its respective markets (Banking, Insurance, Health, Telecommunications, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, hotel chains, passenger transport, Automobile, etc.) and on those companies whose business models establish and develop, in their own business model, multiple interactions with multiple customers over multiple channels.

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Pablo Fiestas
Customer Experience Consulting VP