In June, we selected IZO out of a group of consultancy companies, to initiate the Client Experience Project in ALSA.

The main reason for this choice was its Client Experience projects’ expertise, with a very clear and tangible methodology.
To the day, “Customer Experience” concept is not quite clear in Spain and most companies tend to confuse it with marketing campaigns, CRM.. However, IZO’s proposal fitted better with the true Customer Experience essence, different to the one layed out by other consultancy companies.

A year and a half later, we continue trusting IZO, and considering it different and really specialized in Customer Experience.

Virginia Fernández-Cueto
Customer Experience Director

IZO’s main attribute is bringing to the table the best in the world regarding content as well as CEX processes, in a timely and results oriented manner, and its great capacity of identifying and aligning to explicit and underlying clients’ necessities (problems). At least this is the case in Ibercaja.

Besides, there is always methodology learning when working with IZO, also people are trustworthy and it’s nice working with them. This is a basic requirement and, unfortunately, it is not that common.

It is also important to outline the fact that the cost is economical and the method, results, consultants and project experience is the same as any of the one provided by one of the “big five”. And I can assure this from my personal experience.

Ignacio Torre Sola
CEO Technical Secretary Manager – Innovation & Client Experience

Mapfre decides to work along with IZO for the fact that it is a highly qualified company regarding quality and customer experience projects’ development; its specialization and knowledge have been supported by its career path for the last 3 years.

IZO has proven to be a great allied to support our company and reach the aspired goals. It is important to sand out their professionalism, enormous work capacity and dedication.

Which are IZO’s advantages against the other sector entities? The proximity and group work, the correlation and concrete development proposals.


Francisco Granados Paule
Clients Director