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¿Do you still believe that projects should be done the same way as they were done 10 years ago?

We present you a new way of developing projects and helping organizations like yours, in the achievement of your business goals through Customer Experience.

Smart Products are ‘’packed’’ projects, specially designed for organizations like yours, that take advantage of the functionalities offered by new technologies to achieve results more efficiently, optimizing costs.

Smart Products are Customer Experience solutions developed by professionalized consultants of IZO, and customized to the needs and characteristics of your company, but managed in a completely online way.

Eliminating the inefficiencies generated by unnecessary travel and activities, we can put at your disposal the best consultants in Customer Experience, no matter where you are, and at the best market price.

¿What kind of projects can I make?

  • It analyzes the Customer Journey of your customer. It maps the full experience of your customers from their point of view to identify the moments of truth in which you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • To listen the Voice of the Customer in Real Time. It captures the opinions of your customers in real time and acts in time to generate a differentiating Customer Experience.
  • It improves the Multichannel Experience of your customer. It optimizes your relation model, taking advantage of the capabilities of the new digital channels, generating more efficient interactions and a consistent experience across all your channels.

¿Which benefits can you obtain?

  • It increases sales. Customers are more willing to buy more products and services of your company if your experience is better than your competitors.
  • It gets more loyal customers. Companies with a better experience have more loyal and profitable customers stay longer with them.
  • It gets new customers thanks to the recommendation of current customers. Satisfied customers recommend companies that work with your friends, family and social networks.

¿How is a SMART project developed?


Book your SMART project through any of the options which are available. We are just a click away anytime.

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Do the payment for the product you have hired. We provide you with the means of payment you need.

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We will assign a Project Manager who will contact you and will be responsible for creating the project workspace.

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All the process is online, so that no matter where your offices are. We develop the project with our best consultants without generating unnecessary travel costs or displacement.

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