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Customer Journey is a tool that allows you to view the complete Customer Experience with the company throughout the life cycle in a single view, by mapping all the relevant information about the stages and the points of contact. Analyzing the full experience from the customer side can identify opportunities for improvement that impact on the experience and perception of the customer, creating a distinctive experience.

Through the Customer Journey you will be able to identify and improve situations such as:

  • New interactions that impact on Customer Experience

When does the customer make things where the company is not present and you could design actions to facilitate such activity or generate an emotional impact?

Example. Could an airline help me in the preparation of the suitcase giving me updated information on the weather in my destination and a recommendation on the type and amount of clothes, depending on the journey?

  • Which activities or contact points generate a bigger effort on the customer?

What activities or contact points generate a bigger effort to the customer (see explanation on how the index of Customer Effort Score impacts the experience) to redesign?

Example. How much effort it is necessary from your customer to complete a registration process or contract a service? Did you know that in many companies the membership is one of the most complex processes?

  • What emotional impact is generated at different stages and interactions?

Which emotions are generated in the customer on each of the activities of the Customer Journey and when these emotions are not aligned with the image that the company would like to give?

Example. The KLM airline found that most travelers associate the time between check-in and boarding on the plane to “boredom” and outlined actions to try to turn that emotion into “surprise” and “happiness”.

  • How is the map of multichannel interactions of the customer?


These are just some examples of the type of information that can be viewed through the Customer Journey. In a visual and graphical form, all areas of the organization must know and remember when it comes to design and manage their projects, how their decisions impact on the experience.

Customer Journey is currently the most powerful tool for the diagnosis and innovation of the experience, allowing to establish a different view when it comes to analyzing the relation with customers, which is not conditioned by the model of organization and departments company.


IZO has an extensive experience in developing projects of Customer Experience and has used the Customer Journey as a diagnostic tool and innovation with excellent results in all our customers.

We have a methodology and proprietary tools, developed from experience with all types of companies, allowing us to work together efficiently generating the Customer Journey of your company.

We explain the general lines of the development of a project of Smart Customer Journey. When the project begins, we assign a Project Manager who will be your direct contact to coordinate all activities and ensure the project’s success:

  • Kick Off of the Project’s start.

We will make an initial meeting where we review all the planning together, the detail of the activities and requirements and dedications that will be needed in your organization for the project. In this way we ensure that everything will be ready and the project will run smoothly.

  • Diagnosis and Mapping of Contact Points.

Through a series of interviews with key people in your organization, we will make a diagnosis of the level of maturity of the company in relation to Customer Experience strategies, and we will identify all stages and points of contact as part of the Customer Journey.

  • Surveys of customer and employee experience.

We carry out a specific study of customer perception and employees in relation to the different moments of Customer Journey. This information will be the basis for completing the information associated with each contact point to identify key moments of their relation.

  • Development of Customer Journey.

From the information gathered both qualitative and quantitative of the organization, from customers and employees, we develop the Hall of Client or Customer Journey, with all relevant information on the relation between the customer and the company. This tool is the basis for the analysis and transformation of the experience of the company.

  • Development of key interactions Sheets.

We develop a specific analysis of the Moments of Truth, which are those interactions that have been identified as most critical to the Customer Experience. These chips will deepen the analysis of the challenges and opportunities in these interactions to identify initiatives that impact and transform the Customer Experience and will generate value for the company.

  • Plans of Action and Recommendations.

In conclusion, and based on all the information gathered and generated throughout the project, we will make a final report of findings and recommendations to improve the experience. This report will have all identified initiatives and a prioritization matrix of them, indicating the company the recommended work plan to maximize the impact on the Customer Experience and business objectives.

  • Innovation Workshop Experience. (Optional).

If you are interested in one of our experts Customer Experience holding a working session in which from the information generated and the conclusions and identified initiatives will help you to facilitate the internal process of change management, involving different areas and key people in your organization. It is a session that allows a better understanding of the results, further alignment, organization, and defines more specifically how to carry out the proposed work plan.

Summary of Smart Customer Journey

  • Diagnosis and Mapping of Contact Points. We deliver a report of diagnosis of maturity in Customer Experience of your Company and the map of the Points of Contact.
  • Experience Map or Customer Journey. At the company, segment or department level. You receive one or more Customer Journeys depending on the type of Smart package you selected.
  • Interactions chips. Specific analysis and redesign guide of the key interactions for each tab of interaction.
  • Action Plan and prioritization. Conclusions and priority actions’ guide to transform the Customer Experience and impact on business’ results.

Plans and Prices

The SMART solution which meets your needs

Choose the plan that best meets your needs. We have solutions for all types of companies and maturity levels.

  • Smart: The perfect solution to begin to understand the Customer Journey of your customers
  • Smart Plus: The ability to segment and differentiate the experience based on the types of customers or business of your company
  • Smart Advance: Recommended for medium to large organizations that require a higher level of analysis and depth in the development of Customer Journey
  • Enterprise: Contact us for a customized solution for your organization

Benefits of Smart Customer Journey

  • It summarizes in a simple, visual and quickly way the Customer Experience
  • It allows you to identify in which parts of the experience we must approach the effort to reduce the gap between expectations and experience and to attract and retain customers.
  • It facilitates identification of causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction to strengthen them or delete them.
  • It allows actions to develop Moments of Truth in the relation, making the efforts more efficient to improve the relation.


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