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Do you really want to listen to the clients or are you just interested in making surveys?


In order to be client focused and implement a client experience strategy in the companies, it is essential to LISTEN.

Companies need to know clients’ opinion regarding their experiences when interacting with them, in order to make the correct decisions which will, in result, generate a better experience.

In order to achieve this, so far, it was enough with asking the clients for their opinions every once in a while. Some companies did it every month, others every three months, or even once a year.

A group of clients, chosen for being a statistically significative sample of the total universe, used to be part of this listening process and an analysis of their answers was performed in order to make conclusions and improvements.

This work model is no longer enough!

Nowadays, consumers interact in a world which Works in Real Time. We have immediate access to information, connect from any place and multiple devices, and we expect immediate reactions to our needs and interactions.

Voice of the Customer programs, must adapt to this new reality. Some of the main differences between traditional Voice of the Customer and SMART VoC are:

Tradicional VoC


Only a part of the totality of clients is listened All clients may give their opinion
Feedback is only posible when the company asks for it Clients may give their opinion any time
Long and tedious surveys Short and client management focused surveys
The survey’s design is slow Answering Interface is easy and intuitive
Normally through one unique channel Multiple feedback channels
Elevated interaction cost Low interation cost
The client does not receive an answer, independently of his valuation. A conversation is generated, answering in real time
Subsequent improvement processes Real Time actions’ generation


In IZO we have over 15 years of experience listening to the clients and continuously innovating in the tools and methodologies to transform the Voice of the Customer into a real management and transformation tool.
We count on our own methodology and the most advanced technology to prepare the implementation of the SMART VoC models in an efficient and easy way.

We explain, in general means, the development of a Smart VoC of the Customer project. At the beginning of it, we will assign a Project Manager who will be your direct interlocutor to coordinate all activities and grant the project’s success:

  • Kick Off.We carry out an initial sesión in which we inspect all the planning together, the activities’ details and the requirements and dedications which will be necessary in your organization for the project’s development. In this way, we make sure everything will be ready and the Project will be developed without any problem.
  • Diagnose and mapping of the contact points.Through a series of interviews with the key people in your organization, we will make a diagnose of the VoC program as well as identify all stages and contact points which are part of the relationship with the client.
  • Smart VoC of the Customer Model Design.Through the best practices and IZO’s Smart VoC of the Customer Model principles, we will design the personalized tools for the capture of the clients’ opinions.
  • Advanced Business Rules for the Smart VoC of the Client Management.We will define the acting criteria in order to offer immediate answers to the clients’ feedback, generating conversations and transforming the Voice of the Customer program into a real experience management tool.
  • Technological tool configuration.The VoC model, specifically designed for your company is configured in the technological solution through which the Real Time answers and feedback capture process will be entirely managed.
  • Smart Voice of the Customer Management.Once previously validated all the tool’s components, an activity with clients will take place, generating the actions for the voice of the customer capture and supervising the activity’s development. In a continuous way, and through the defined interaction channels, the client’s feedback will be obtained.
  • Action Plan and Specific Recommendations. Based on the obtained information, an analysis on the clients’ opinions will be performed, as well as personalized recommendations for the innovation and transformation of the interactions and generated experiences.
  • Experience Innovation Workshop (Optional). In the cases in which it is requested, it will be posible to also carry out a work sesión in which it will be posible to dig deep jointly in the results and contrast them with the company’s internal visión and with the best practices and market benchmarks. In this session, led by an IZO expert, everything is based on the information in order to apply innovation and creativity techniques to transform interactions based on the clients’ opinions and generate WOW experiences and an emotional bond between them and the company.
Smart Voice of the Customer Deliverables Summary
  • Contact points’ diagnose and mapping. We deliver an inform with the experience model diagnose conclusions and contact points’ mapping.
  • VoC Model Design. In this manual the fundamental VoC model components will be reflected, as well as the different tools and business rules to act in Real Time.
  • Online Access to Results. Clients’ opinions are available in real time through an online platform in which you will be able to consult the evolution of the process, the main results and also dig deeper until visualizing the summarized answers and comments of the customers.
  • Action and priorization plan. Conclusions as well as the guide of prioritized actions to transform client experience and impact in business results.

Plans and Prices

The SMART solution which best fulfills your needs

Select the plan which best meets your needs. We have solutions for every type of companies and maturity levels.

Smart. The perfect solution to start developing an advanced SMART Voice of the Customer model.

Smart Plus. The possibility of segment and distinguish the experience according to the different type of clients or business of your company.

Smart Advance. Recommended for medium and large organizations which require a higher analysis and depth level in the Voice of the Customer model.

Enterprise contacts us for a personalized solution in your organization.

Smart SMART VoC benefits

  • Listening to clients and answering feedback in real time, transforming the Voice of the Customer into a strategyc element for your company’s management
  • Eficiently managing the Voice of the Customer, generating new interactions without incrementing its cost
  • Turning the Voice of the Customer into an income generation, instead of a cost
  • Distinguishing yourself from your competence delivering an innovative experience, aligned with the expectations of the current customers


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