(Español) Sobre nosotros - IZO

We are experience

At Izo we make a difference

Our purpose

Our company purpose is our reason for being, is the philosophy that guide our acts and the communicate it very proudly in every occasion, both internal as externally.

Impactful transformation. Because every interaction is an opportunity of making someone happy.

Life is built by thousands of small interactions that happen every day. At Izo, we transform every interaction to try to create a smile for every customer. We believe that the sum of all these moments is a relevant part of our lives and this is why we want to make it right.

What we believe in?

These are our values.
They define the way we think,
act and express in everything that we do.

We are non-conformist

We always do the right thing

We are disrupting people

We believe in what we do, and we love it


Raúl de Pablos

CEO Izo Corporate

Pablo Fiestas

VP Customer Success

José Serrano

CEO Izo España

Mercedes López

Sales Manager Izo Spain

Marta Borrallo

Operations Manager IZO Spain

Luz Elena Vasquez

Sales Manager Izo Peru

Julián Cabarcas

Sales Director Izo Colombia

Rául Venegas Carulla

CEO de Izo Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay

Jorge Vizcaya Gubbins

Sales Director IZO Chile

Cristian Andrade

Customer Success Director Izo Chile

Diana Forero

Marketing & Sales Developer Izo Chile

Jaime Jean-François

CEO Izo Panamá

Martha López

Sales Director Izo Ecuador

Pablo Rodríguez

Manager Operations Consultant Perú - Ecuador


Ciudad de Panamá
México D.F.
San José
São Paulo