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Manage Customer Experience, companies need a frame of reference or framework. The IZO CEM Framework contains the key elements for successful management of Customer Experience strategies.

Through the Framework it is possible to diagnose the level of maturity of the companies in each of the pieces of the model, and identify the actions that must be carried out to evolve in the performance of each one.


The Assessment CEM is a project focused on supporting those professionals and organizations that require an expert and external evaluation of their current situation in relation to the best practices in the management of the customer experience.

Through the CEM Assessment, the company obtains an objective diagnosis and a work plan that structures and prioritizes the different Customer Experience initiatives of the company.

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Framework CEM IZO, un sistema para gestionar la Experiencia en tu organización


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The Expert Review

Learn about IZO Framework CEM. We use this tool to evaluate the maturity of your organization on Customer Experience Management.