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Understanding Customer Experience is fundamental to identify the moments of truth where companies can generate differentiation and value for the client. But once identified, it is necessary to apply tools for innovation and design of experiences to redefine the way in which experience is delivered in these critical interactions. To achieve this, it is advisable to rely on experts who can provide methodologies and tools that guarantee greater success and less time to achieve the objectives.


Emotional Interaction Design is a proprietary IZO methodology that focuses on the transformation of key interactions, applying techniques for the redesign of interactions based on emotions to focus our processes on the emotions we want to generate in the client.

If you really want to generate an emotional impact on the client through the interactions, they must be designed with this objective in mind, so that we can achieve a scalable transformation at the company level.

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The Expert Review

Te explicamos en este Workshop Online la metodología de Diseño de Interacciones Basado en Emociones de IZO