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Companies need to know the opinion of their customers about a variety of topics to make decisions. Customer surveys help organizations to guide the company to the customer, identifying preferences, reasons for dissatisfaction, needs, etc.

Customer surveys and the use of indicators such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) or the Net Satisfaction Index, enables companies to strengthen the relationship with their customer, to increase sales and generate more loyalty. Many companies also need to have objective and compared information of these indicators for their various departments or providers (in services which are outsourced).


IZO provides Satisfaction and Perceived Quality studies through customized surveys for each company in order to achieve the specific goals of each project.

The purpose of these projects is to obtain a rigorous metric of Customer Experience to understand the factors which hold back your level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction in order to achieve more results through the analysis of their feedback and make business decisions that improve the main indicators which impact in the experience of the customer: satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation.

To conduct the field work, different channels and tools may be used: Interview by phone, online surveys (via email), SMS, IVR, etc.

The surveys results are analyzed by our consultants, experts in customer experience, in order to draw conclusions and actionable insights for the company from the customer’s answers.

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