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Guide the entire company towards the client implies equipping all the people in the organization with the tools, knowledge and understanding of the importance of the strategy necessary to be successful.


We have comprehensive training programs that cover the training needs of the different profiles and roles of the organization, from the main executives to the customer service staff. All of our programs combine aspects of inspiration and motivation through stories and cases, learning the key concepts and understanding the main tools to apply to your area of responsibility in the organization.

Inspire me about CX Training Program

Programa de Certificación en Customer Experience Management


FechasChileJulio Miércoles 11 Jueves 12 Viernes 13MéxicoAgosto Miércoles 29 Jueves 30 Viernes 31EspañaSeptiembre Martes ...

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Customer-Obession, la cultura de las empresas exitosas


Evolucionando del customer-centricity al customer-obsession. La forma tradicional de negocio basado en productos y resultados ya no es diferencial, focalizarnos ...

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The Expert Review

Conoce más sobre nuestra metodología de formación e inspiración para enfocar a toda tu organización hacia el cliente