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The Voice of the Customer models must evolve. Current systems are expensive, require the client to invest a lot of time and effort (answering long and complex questionnaires) and above all, are not oriented to the action and do not offer any type of response to customers who interact with the company . Once the survey is completed, the client obtains the same message, regardless of his or her response: “Thank you very much” and nothing else happens based on your feedback.

The new VoC models should allow companies to capture customer feedback on any channel and on any topic, quickly and easily for both the company and the customer.


The Real Time Voice of the Customer projects allow companies to implement an advanced system for capturing and managing the voice of the client, combining the best practices and the advanced functionalities of technological solutions in SaaS mode.

The Real Time VoC model of IZO is fundamental in the following elements:

1. Maximize the number of interactions with your customers through multiple channels (web, email, QR codes, SMS, social networks, mobile devices, applications, etc.).

2. Generate, modify and control individualized dialogues with each client designing personalized responses based on customer feedback, establishing a two-way communication with the client in real time to take advantage of each contact occasion and create a communication relevant to both parties that results in a Closer link between client and company.

3. Convert the interactions into sales through the interaction tools associated with feedback that allow generating leads, customer loyalty, cross-selling, etc.

4. Activate feedback within the organization, distributing relevant information to the right people in real time to generate immediate responses and actions to the client.

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