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Focusing the company towards the client involves aligning the entire organization. Companies need to inspire people, train key resources and apply the client vision when solving strategic challenges.

Working on Customer Experience also requires a landed vision, where everyone understands and shares the importance of focusing on this objective.


We help you to solve this challenge, through the realization of Seminars and Workshops adapted for all types of organizations and needs.

Our experts have participated as speakers in numerous Marketing and Digital events such as WOBI (Mexico), Marketers (Uruguay), FMR (Colombia) or Futurizz (Spain).

Customer Experience Seminars focus on inspiring and motivating teams from all areas of the organization, incorporating the client’s vision in the performance of their duties.

Through the Customer Experience Workshops we work specifically to help solve the strategic challenges of the organization, facilitating through a workshop the application of Customer Experience methodologies to work from the first steps in the strategy to specific aspects of the Relationship with customers.

Inspire me about Workshops & Seminaries

(Español) The Expert Review

(Español) En este video resumen puedes ver un ejemplo del tipo de mensajes de nuestros Seminarios y Workshops en Customer Experience