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Our Analytic Solutions are focused on measuring the experience of final customers through their interaction with the different contact channels, transforming information into knowledge and providing the organization with a personalized and comparative management model.

The quality management systems and measurement of customer interactions and clients’ experiences have significantly evolved throughout the years. Nowadays, it is not enough with taking certain actions to ensure compliance of processes and policies, and then measuring customer satisfaction

In a current world in which clients interact with companies through multiple channels in a simultaneous way, where the quantity of information generated as a consequence of these interactions is exponential and companies must be capable of interpreting it and reacting in real time in order to gererate a distinguishing client experience, traditional tools are no longer enough to do so.

In IZO we’ve been leaders for more than 15 years in the measurement and management of client experience and helping all kinds of organizations to orient towards the client providing information for the attainment of business objectives through análisis and measurement tools.

The main tendencies and elements to be incorporated the companies’ client experience measurement systems are related to:

Big Data. Each day more information (data) is produced by people and devices. All this information is normally unstructured and so it is complex to make sense of it in order to make any decisión. Companies need to count on tools and the a suitable expertise to interpret and extract valuable information for the business.

Real Time. Immediacy and answer rapidity have become part of the essential elements to any company. Traditional models in which the capture, evaluation, analysis and improvement processes where performed in several weeks or even months, are no longer useful. Nowadays, companies need tools and measurement and quality & experience management services which are able to react in real time to client’s information.

IZO’s projects and services through our Analytical solutions help companies anticipating to challenges and tendencies, providing enterprises with valuable information regarding their clients’ experience and incorporating the most advanced tools to manage this information in an effective way.

Analytical solutions are a fundamental element to any client experience management system, which must count on the appropriate mechanisms for measurement and interactions’ control in the different channels, feedback and voice of the client’s capture and real time decisión making.

Quality Plan Design

It incorporates the best practices as well as the recommendation regarding tools and methodologies to evolve your Quality Plan and prepare your company to confront the main challenges and tendencies in relation to measurement and voice of the client programs.

Interactions’ Monitoring

Interactions’ Monitoring is the listeing of a real interaction between the company and the client, produced through any channel with the objective of extracting relevant information to manage interactions and improve the experience.

The Interactions’ Monitoring has evolved as a tool in its implementation during the past years, from the viewpoint of operational control and compliance with protocols to detect emotions and the impact on customer’s perception.

New monitoring models also incorporate the most advanced SpeechAnalytics and Metadata Technologies to automatically process great volumes of interactions and concentrate the interactions’ management resources in the most relevant interactions for the company’s objectives.

Voice of the Client

Listening to the client is one of the critical competentes in every Client Experience model thar companies must dominate.

IZO solutions regarding Voice of the Customer cover the companies’ different needs to capture, analyze and trigger customer’s feedback, making an impact in business objectives.

Our projects incorporate the most tradicional investigation and Voice of the Client tools as well as the most advanced Real Time Voice of the Customer models, capturing feedback in every interaction channel and social network and offering an integral client experience vision.

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