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We help organizations to capitalize customer knowledge and information in Real Time, so they can capture customer’s insights, convert them into knowledge and generate actions at the very moment of the interaction.

Analysis published by the main business analysts’ firms                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               reflect a change in companies’ investment priorities, who nowadays are more likely to focus on technologies and solutions aimed towards Client Experience and inteligente in real time.

Companies Face the challenge of clients which are more informed and interact with companies through multiple channles to solve their needs.

In the meantime clients demand companies for easier interactions, precise, consistent and immediate answers, and a distinguishing and surprising experience which increases the relationship value.

To do so, companies must take advantage of technological solutions so as to be able to maximize the client experience, while drastically optimizing operacional costs.

IZO Technology costs combine client and business’ expertise and knowledge, as experts in experiences design, with the habilitéis and technical knowledge in systems’ implementation and maintenance.

We make sure the technological solutions and investments generate the estimated Return of Investment as well as the systems are aligned with the needs and business objectives.

Through our Technological Solutions’ projects we make an impact in the operational efficency, cost reduction (in both front and back office), experience improvement, recomendation or link to the clients, and income generation through cross selling strategies.

Real Time Interactions

Real Time Interations prepare companies to make business decisions which will transform the experience in Real Time. Thanks to the hability of capturing different information systems in Real Time, we can identify and anticipate the clients’ needs, and provide frontline employees with relevant information to make the best decision (NextBestAction) in each moment and for each case.

RTI solutions drastically impact in the interactions’ operational efficiency thanks to tasks’ automatization and to the elimination of unnecessary time, generating a distinguishing client experience.

Customer Interaction Management

Customer Interaction Management Solutions (CIM) prepare companies to manage efficiently interactions with their clients through the different interaction channels, offering a simple, efficient and distinguishing experience.

Companies need an integral strategy and a unique platform for the management of all its interaction channels (eMail, Chat, Social, Web Selfservice, etc.) ensuring consistency in the relationship with the brand.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization solutions allow companies to efficiently manage client relationship channels’ management processes.

These solutions consist of series of highly integrated systems and applications, which allow organizations to increase the agents’ productivity, identify performance gaps, activate coaching fastly and plan and dimension the service in an effective way.

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Maurien Martínez
Insights Director